“If you don’t get your business into politics, politics will get into your business.”

Today, no business can ignore the political and regulatory environment in which it must operate. Companies and their representatives cannot afford to sit on the sidelines as the formulation of legislation, regulations or administration policy take place. By responding to issues and actively shaping the dialogue, Dromana helps clients shape their futures. We understand how issues emerge and evolve as part of the public agenda, and we have the proven experience in reaching targeted legislators and staff in legislatures across the country; facilitating communications with regulatory agencies and advocating client perspectives to the executive branch.

Every day a legislator or government employee at both the federal, but more importantly, state level, is debating an issue that could have a profound impact on the way you do business.

It is critical that your business or organization be informed on these issues and prepare to respond proactively.

Ben has a vast amount of experience working with local, state and national government agencies. At a previous company, Ben established our public policy efforts nationally. In my current role, Ben has provided strategic support to the framework of our public policy efforts towards men’s health. Ben is an honest, hardworking individual who puts points on the board in some of these very complicated areas of public policy.
— David Esposito, President and CEO, Armune BioScience, Inc.