Healthcare POLICY Consulting

Dromana has years of experience in health policy. We have the contacts and strategies to understand the byzantine health care system to make sure we can anticipate and influence legislative and regulatory issues at the state and federal level. Our contacts and allied firms in Washington, DC, and around the country, are widely respected healthcare experts, working at the intersection of policy and politics, offer an issue-oriented approach to advocacy.

Dromana’s team specializes in complex issues such as regulatory affairs, payment reform, provider coverage & reimbursement, Medicaid & Medicare (CMS), and emerging healthcare technologies. We have represented Fortune 250 companies in the diagnostic, laboratory and behavioral health, public advocacy groups and healthcare technology companies.

Ben’s health care experience includes working on a range of issues. Such as physically challenged, diabetes, allergy, as Director of the Health Care Reform Task Force for an industry-wide coalition promoting passage of the Clinton Health Care Plan, and the creation of national policy advocacy teams for a Fortune 250 company and large national retail trade association.

As we grow it is vital that MedOptions have a voice with key decision makers. Recently Dromana placed an editorial for us and secured radio interviews with National Public Radio on the issue of behavioral health. Dromana is a great advocate.
— Ed Mercadante, President & Chief Executive Officer, MedOptions

Senior Behavioral Health
Editorial, The CT Mirror