Dromana Game Plan

Too often clients hire a public policy team with little understanding of the “process.” At Dromana, we effort to bring some clarity to the course of any political, legislative or media plan.

Each “campaign” has four steps in its development; IDENTIFY, RESEARCH, PLAN, and EXECUTE. Working collaboratively with our clients through regular communication and adjustments the plan delivers the best results.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”
— Yogi Berra



Public Officials: Identify legislative, executive and administrative (i.e. Chairs of committees, Medicaid Directors, key staff) leaders who are critical to the development of policies affecting issues.

Leaders of Non-Profit Organizations: Each state has regional and statewide non-profit organizations. These groups have a considerable impact on legislatures and local governments. It is important to develop relationships with the leadership and staff of these agencies. Many times these groups can be allies to your goals or be a principal adversary to be respected.

Media: Dromana has years of experience working with the media. We have worked as a columnist and commentator on television and radio. Our media contacts are in the financial, political and general news segments at the local, state and national level.

Understanding the position of local, state and national media and how it will impact your campaign is critical. Not appreciating the “local knowledge” when meeting with local and state officials can be a quick way to losing their confidence.


In developing a plan, the research on public officials in the process is necessary. Elected officials change every year. Dromana keeps track of election impacts, retirement or movements of officials within government.

Knowing the backgrounds, education, employment, activities, etc., of the major opinion leaders before meetings is important, as those factors impact their decision-making process. We make sure to brief our clients properly and have a strategy based on expected outcomes of any meetings or activities.

Dromana monitors national trends and news stories relevant to a clients' issues and the impact on current plans. Having up to date knowledge of current issues helps build the confidence needed to be an effective advocate.


Your company or organization may already have a plan. If so we look forward to building on current efforts and carrying them forward. After completing the above steps and working with the client’s public policy team, we will develop a plan as a complement to current efforts. That plan would have deliverables, specific dates, policies to be implemented and contacts developed.

Any plan needs to be flexible enough to change with the vagaries inherent in any public policy action.


The execution of any program will need constant updating, coordination, communication, and the sharing of activities/ information with the client’s sales, research, legal and communications functions.

The key to the execution is agreement on the message, quantifiable goals & objectives and identifying team members to carry forth the message and support the overall objectives.