Coalition Building

We have experience in building and maintaining coalitions in the health care, environmental and retail sectors. We understand the sensitivities of the organizations involved in any coalition. These sensitivities can divide groups. We strive to develop a message that is clear and direct and identify the best messengers from the coalition’s varied interests. There is no question that a coalition of organizations is particularly effective in reaching and persuading elected officials, the media, and corporate audiences.

Examples of coalition work

  • Director National Assoc. of Chain Drug Store/ National Assoc. of Retail Druggist Health Care Task Force. In support of Clinton Health Care Legislation
  • Executive Director, Recycling & Environmental Programs, Glass Packaging Institute. Developed multi-material recycling programs and enabling legislation.
  • Organized CT Retail Gasoline Dealers efforts to lower gas tax. Resulted in tax cut of .07 cents per gallon reduction.

A coalition can bring more expertise and resources to bear on complex issues, where the technical or personnel resources of any one organization would not be sufficient.
— Bradford Spangler, Senior Mediator and Program Manager at the Meridian Institute