Campaign Management

Our philosophy is simple;

“Tell the voters who you are, what you have done, and what you will do.”

With years of experience in leadership roles in political campaigns, issue advocacy, and grassroots efforts, Dromana has the proven track record to get candidates or issues into the winner’s circle.

We develop your campaign on your goals and objectives and develop strategies that best communicate these aims. We do not develop a plan based on polls or how to “shape” you to fit the current political narrative. It is our belief that leaders do not follow polls or what is popular, leaders lead and set the mark.

“Don’t tell your candidate what to believe; tell him/ her how to say it.”
— Ed Rollins Political Consultant & Author

Campaigns are broken down into three parts; Viability, Credibility, and Electability.

The key factor to your success is the way we analyze the issues and develop strategic plans for winning. We have the professional capabilities to consult, manage, and implement your entire political or issue advocacy campaign. To ensure success, accountability, and control, we believe in a hands-on campaign management philosophy. For each project, we can select and integrate a team of experts from local, state and national contacts. 

 Ben Davol with Senator John McCain #MCCAIN2000

Ben Davol with Senator John McCain #MCCAIN2000

Ben’s early and strong support of my congressional campaign, and his excellent political skills were critical in defeating a ten term incumbent.
— Robert Simmons, former Republican Member of Congress Connecticut’s Second District


Viability centers on funding and resources. Money does not win campaigns, but not enough money is a guaranteed loss. What is enough? It is dependent on where you are running, political realities of voter registration and other factors such as the candidate’s current name ID. 


Credibility comes with endorsements, earned media, hitting fundraising targets and hiring a great team like Dromana. You know you are credible when your opponents attack you.


Electability comes with polling that shows you within single digits, exceeding fundraising goals and as President George H.W. Bush called it, "Big Mo" from Labor Day going thru Election Day.